Peter DeSouza

Peter has always had a strong interest in Zoology. His parents lived in fear of what he would bring home and keep in the basement. From an early age he had aquariums and raised livebearers and spawned some of the easier cichlids. After high school his interests turned to the new African cichlids from Lake Malawi that were just becoming available to hobbyists. Later he spawned and raised Blue Gularis before getting married and leaving the fish hobby behind for a few years. In 2002 after moving to Alberta to work with a Poultry Company in Edmonton, he decided to raise fish again. This time he started with killifish right away with a few small tanks. After building a few fish rooms and moving back to Ontario, his fishroom today contains approximately 70 tanks of various sizes filled with mostly Killifish and Bettas. He has always wanted to travel to other countries and collect fish. When he finally retired he had the opportunity with a group from Europe to collect in Ghana. This past February, he travelled to Cameroon. His presentation, titled ‘Collecting Adventures in Cameroon’ will detail the areas collected and the fish that were found as well as some interesting adventures experienced in Cameroon.